Abalone Shell Necklace and Earrings Set


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Necklace:  rectangular shaped inlaid Abalone shell beads, interspaced with tiny 2.5 mm Sterling Silver round beads and round Abalone shell beads and terminating in a Sterling Silver lobster clasp (length - 21 1/2", adjustable up to 24 1/2" with the use of the included 3" Sterling Silver extender chain)

Earrings:  Abalone shell beads (two different shapes) dangling from Sterling Silver fishhook ear wires (length - 1 1/2")

On a personal note, these are absolutely gorgeous beads - each one is a work of art and the resulting necklace is truly one-of-a-kind.  As long as I've been beading and creating jewelry, I've never seen anything quite like these beads.  If I could have gotten more, I would have.  As it stands, all I was able to find was enough to make this one necklace.  The beads are hollow on the inside, so even though the necklace is a fairly large statement piece, it is very light weight and easy to wear.